Thursday, 6 June 2013

Choosing the Best Financial Advisor and Planner

Financial and retirement planning sites have one article on "how to chose a financial advisor?" or "what are the qualities that your planner should have?".  Here I  deal with the question in reverse "whom should you avoid as an advisor?".

A financial consultant, planner or adviser should be your friend, philosopher and guide. Choosing a planner or finance advisor is no different from selecting a friend, but you should avoid the people with the certain qualities as  a friend or an adviser. 

I have come across a motivational book titled "the day the eagle took off" by David Goh in which he lists the avoidable friends with the following characteristics.

  • Negative
    • Pessimism will be contagious and it will throw wet blanket on good goals or projects.
  • Picky
    • Ready to pick up qurrel and create a storm in tea cup.
  • Gossip
    • They talk on others from the back and no consideration.
  • Unfair:
    • Paranoid and they present every thing from weather to recent enactment as unfair.
  • Hostile and Vengeful
    • They believe in getting even at every stage
  • Jealous:
    • Always jealous on other persons' progress.
  • Proud
    • They get along whith false pride and may get hurt easily
  • Egoistic:  
    • They are self oriented and   and every action lead only to boost their ego
  • Disrespectful of authority (law)
    • It is like waging a losing war always.
  • Inconsiderate:
    • They may trample upon those who come in their way.
It is better to avoid people of these qualities in general  and select an  amiable person as friend or an advisor.

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